Screenshot from Wicked Local - Sudbury

Since  online print is becoming increasingly popular, I have been paying more attention to my local online news website,

I found the site to be very user friendly, with a wonderful, but not overwhelming presentation.  On the home page there are the sections listed at the top, as well as the option to scroll down to the most recent stories from each section.  I also enjoy the polls that show up daily on the home page.

Advertising is a major part of news websites, seeing as it is a large source of income.  The advertising on the Wicked Local site is not overwhelming and I noticed that it primarily advertises for local companies, which can be helpful because it can be an aid for the reader, the companies being advertised, and the website – which is receiving revenues from the companies.

I can appreciate the quality of the website because I am involved in the web production for the Massachusetts Daily Collegian.  It is not easy to keep up a major website, because there are constant updates and it requires many people and many hours.

Perhaps I can seek out an internship with Wicked Local in the future, to help further increase my knowledge on web production.