At UMass Amherst, I have a Journalism professor, Razvan Sibii, who is also a major Romanian journalist.  Not too long ago, I checked out one of his articles that he wrote for his home country.  In his lectures, he is very adamant on the concept of objectivity, so I checked to make sure he is true to his own philosophy.

Sibii’s article pertaining to the America’s militiamen contains interesting perspectives from the paramilitary movement. When it comes to objectivity of the article, Sibii does a respectable job of using truth, balance, neutrality, and relevance. The paramilitary is not something that I personally have a lot of knowledge about, perhaps because the media in the United States focuses primarily on the government-run armed forces. The facts in the story are well organized and appear to be well researched and truthful. In terms of balance, there definitely could have been views from the other side of the table. The only people quoted were historians and people involved in the paramilitary in some way or another.

The article seems to favor the views of the paramilitary and does not allow the opposition a word in the story. If there are alternate points of view, there is less that is hidden from the public eye, as it is vital to include the perspectives of different parties. Although there is not enough balance, the author still exhibits neutrality.

Opinions of journalists in their own story is looked down upon, and Sibii is able to convey a message without intervening with his own thoughts on the subject. The article strictly cuts to the facts and opinions of civilians, which is the correct way of producing a story. Although I did not at first realize it, the article is very relevant for Americans. This militia movement is something that is occurring right at this moment and it involves ordinary, everyday people. Roy McCarty, an affiliate of the Northern California State Militia stated how the militia is dealing with current events, such as the immense amount of immigrants that are coming across the U.S./Mexican border. “ ‘The Border patrol was just overwhelmed, so the people who lived down there started a militia to assist them. What we would do is patrol the border, detain illegals and hold them until the authorities came to arrest them.’ ”

American paramilitary on US/Mexico Border

Since it is a Romanian article, designed for Romanian readers, it is also relevant for them. Mike Vanderboegh, who was a former leader of an Alabama militia says how he believes the American government is slowly becoming a tyranny. He compared the government to the Romanian government back in the 1980s, when tyrant Nicolae Ceausescu, was overthrown and executed. Aside from the lack of balance in the article, Sibii produced a well organized and objective article.